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Live in BuffaloIt's no surprise - Downtown is experiencing a renaissance and there is a growing demand for living space. A growing residential base is creating a 24/7 hotbed of activity. Mixed-use residential neighborhoods with a complement of service retail are coming on line. As well, existing surrounding neighborhoods are strengthening the fabric of our Downtown daily. The Downtown geography is expanding and focusing on target areas, creating high quality design and critical mass.

This section focuses on all of the needs of the Downtown resident. Affordable housing and luxury apartments, support services and quality of life activities will all be located in this section of our site. Highlights of the Living Secton include: residential properties, rental properties, schools, places of worship, day care, libraries, museums, hospitals, grocery markets and services.


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2010 Census: Click here to view 1990 to 2010 Census trends for the Central Business District (CBD), Downtown and the Greater Downtown (as described in the Queen City Hub: A Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo)