Book Your Date Night!

May 6, 2018

The Great Escape Room® is an exciting Sherlock-themed escape adventure that has proven to be a favorite around town. Escape rooms are part scavenger hunt and part puzzle-solving. All groups must work together as a team to escape. You have just 60 minutes… will you escape?

Walking on the beach at sunset, going for dinner and a movie, staying in for a home cooked meal. All these things are fun and exciting date ideas… that have been done hundreds of times. More and more people have been looking for new and fun things to do while on a date. Whether you’re looking to go on a first date with someone new or looking for something to do on you 50th anniversary, The Great Escape Room could be the correct choice for you.

When choosing something for a date there a plethora of things that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost is: talking. An important aspect of a date is the ability to bond and communicate with your partner. With escape rooms communication is a MUST and can often lead the conversation down paths that differ from the norm. Have you ever wondered what your significant other would do in the middle of a nuclear holocaust? An escape room may clue you in! 

Escape rooms offer a great chance for everyone to get out of their comfort zone and truly experience an out-of-this-world situation. Who wouldn’t want to experience being a world-renowned detective? Not only that but it allows you and your date to truly get in the competitive spirit, those that complete rooms in record times often get to be immortalized (as long as their record lasts!) on a leaderboard that you can come by and see when you come back to try another escape room theme!

One of the greatest aspects of escape rooms is the fact that the experience can be customized based on your needs! If you feel that you’re a bit isolated from the world and just want to meet some new people, you and your significant other can choose a public event where you can be matched with other escape room adventurers like yourself! Getting to know new people and learning to work together is half of the fun! If meeting new people isn’t your thing, most companies have procedures in place to have a private event. The best part about private events is the ability for you to be apart of the solving of every puzzle in the room. 

Whether it’s your first date or your hundredth, The Great Escape Room may be the perfect answer to your date idea rut! Schedule your evening of fun today by clicking here!

Buffalo's own Great Escape Room is located at 300 Pearl St #125, inside of the Olympic Towers. For more information, call 716/217-2527 or email